Updated Aakash on its way


12 Jan 2012
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Updated Aakash on its way
The next upgraded Aakash tablet might hopefully be arriving in April of this year


The Aakash tablet which is also touted as the cheapest tablet now plans to release an upgraded version as reported by the Indian Government. They are hoping to bring the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet by April of this year.

According to the Kapil Sibal, HRD Minister of India, they are planning to upgrade the specifications on the basis of the feedback received from the first version of the Aakash. He also pointed that they would need several manufacturers to manufacture Aakash.

He also accepted that differences have crept into the relation between the Human Resource Development Ministry of Indian Government and DataWind, the developers of the Aakash tablets. He added that he believes in resolving the issues rather than highlighting them.

Earlier in December the Aakash tablets were put on sale at DataWind’s online retail section. The device is priced at around $37. The government also distributed the tablet among some students and now has received feedback from them.

The government has earlier committed to release 100,000 tablets, from DataWind and now they have distributed around 30,000 tablets. However, according to them they are planning to release the next 70,000 tablets as the upgraded version or Aakash II.

According to some ministry sources the government is planning to meet the IIT Rajasthan Director and DataWind officials.

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Yeah, seems Students have something they can count on. Its the second version, so a WIn Win for students :)
LoL, I am NOT buying one.
Seems lika a waste of money to me if you have PC and Laptop(s) and Phones with WiFi etc... :p

But 1100 bucks is not much, so one can buy just to check out !
Its dirt cheap. Especially for students. My college booking it for 1138 bucks...

But i will wait for Reliance 4G tab :)
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