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Opera launches free unlimited VPN on its desktop browser


21 Jun 2013
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Opera has been adding a lot of new features to its desktop and mobile browsers to differentiate itself from others. Earlier this year Opera launched a free VPN app and in April it added built-in, free unlimited VPN feature to developer version of its desktop browser. Today, Opera has launched the free built-in VPN to the consumer version of its desktop browser. The addition of free, built-in VPN tool makes Opera the first internet browser to remove geo-barriers of the internet, without having to install any third-party extensions.

Virtual private networks (VPN) are popular among users who are conscious about their privacy online, and by users who want to dodge content restrictions. A VPN basically routes internet traffic through servers located in different countries, and the encryption used for this connection makes it difficult for hackers and government authorities to monitor web traffic. In other words, you can access content that may be restricted in your country. To access blocked websites, users install browser plug-ins and third-party software, and most of them don’t work as efficiently as they claim. In fact, some services are paid ones. In a survey conducted by Opera, more than 70 percent users said that they were concerned about their online privacy. Opera wants to address this problem by integrating built-in free and unlimited VPN in its desktop browser.

How to activate free VPN on Opera browser

To begin with, head over to opera.com , download the Opera browser and install it. Once the installation is complete, click on Menu (top left) > Settings > Privacy & Security > Tick the ‘Enable VPN’ box and you’re done. After the VPN is activated, the address bar will show VPN icon. If the icon shows gray color, it means VPN is turned off, orange color means you’ll have change the virtual location, whereas blue color means it is active and working fine. You can also change the location by clicking on the VPN icon > Virtual location, and choose from Canada, Germany, Singapore, United States or Netherlands. Here, you can also see the data transferred during the month.

Other features of Opera browser

It’s not just about VPN, Opera has also added native ad-blocker feature to its browser, using which one can surf the internet up to three times faster. The feature is available on both, desktop and mobile browsers. To activate the feature on desktop browser, one needs to head over to Settings > and click on Block Ads. The number of blocked ads will appear on the top right corner of the address bar with a shield icon. To deactivate ad blocker, tap on the shield icon and tap the button to turn off. It will also show you the daily, weekly and overall statistics of blocked ads.

Opera has added battery saver feature to its browser, which it claims to offer up to 50 percent longer battery life than usual. The feature can be activated or deactivated by clicking Menu > Settings > Battery Saver > Enable battery saver. To deactivate it, you can click on the battery icon on the top right corner, besides the address bar, and toggle the button.

Opera launches free unlimited VPN on its desktop browser: Here’s how to activate and use it
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