Good News Trai cuts mobile number port out charges by 79% to Rs 4

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Last December i ported my mom's Reliance no to airtel from airtel store they told they are not charging port fee but you have to recharge minimum 179 plane from here.:(
Same in my case too. When I gave port in request in idea store, they charged me 10 rs for sim & told me to do FRC 398 from there after port in completed. But I didn't do that till now.
But retailers are changing 20-50 rs. :mad::mad::cry:
But some shopkeepers asking 50-100 rs for MNP sim. Bsnl didn't charged me when I did Mnp. But recently I'm ported to Idea from Idea store & he asked me 10 rs for that.
Yes bro same here

The biggest looter airtel store asked me 100 for MNP simply throw their application into their face & leave :mad::mad::mad:

TRAI should make it free or make way for fixed price else won't benefit to users

Even its 1 but in market they charge 100 for sure but damn sure nobody will charge 4
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Airtel also not asking in airtel stores. I changed many number to Airtel . They don't asked any amount. Local stores only charging
in october i ported from aircel to airtel in retail store he told 20 for porting and frc 450 compulsory i told i dont have money he told now pay 20 after sim activate cime and recharge 450 otherwise sim will not work but after activate i had 5rs balance and everything was working so i didnot recharge
MTNL had charged me Rs.19 (MNP Fee)+ Initial recharge plan amount when I ported from !dea to MTNL
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