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Toshiba Aims To Double Notebook Sales


5 Aug 2011
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Toshiba estimates that the Indian notebook market will grow from 3.8 million units in 2010 to 6.5 million units in 2013, registering a CAGR of 20 percent.

To capitalize on the growth in India and increase its presence, Toshiba has announced several initiatives: the establishment of an R&D center at Gurgaon; the opening of a one-stop call center for supporting all its digital products; and the expansion of the nationwide network of Toshiba stores to 6,000.

“Our brand recognition in India is not as high as in other countries because of the lack of locally-tailored products. But with the establishment of the R&D center in India, we are now focused on providing market-oriented and locally-tailored products. We have set a target of achieving 10 percent share of the PC market—amounting to 6.5 lakh units— by the end of 2013. In 2011 we aim to double our notebook unit sales to 3.15 lakh to attain a market share of seven percent,” said Masayuki Ito, Vice President, Digital Products & Services Division, Toshiba Corporation.

Toshiba also plans to establish its presence in tier-2 and tier-3 cities by increasing its 3,500 stores to 6,000 by the end of March 2012. It also wants to set up 100 exclusive stores by that time.

The company recently integrated its PC and TV businesses for better synergies. “With the integration of our TV and PC businesses, we are able to offer IT products through our home appliance partners and vice versa. Unifying both the businesses will save us logistics costs and help in building the brand image in the country,” said Wu Tengguo, Director, Digital Products, Home Appliances and Services Division, Toshiba India.

Toshiba will also increase the number of its service centers from 140 to 200.

source : crn
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