Discussion Do we really need a 5G phone if we have WiFi at home and work?

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Do we really need a 5G Phone, if we already have WiFi?

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23 Aug 2018
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The question is simple as that. If my phone supports dual band wifi which gives around 200 Mbps on my Fiber plan. Do I need a 5G smartphone? Apart from free unlimited offers. What are the benefits of having a 5G smartphone for now?
As a jio fiber user at home I don't need 5g at all. I need data during day time just for WhatsApp and maybe to watch a couple of YouTube videos during office lunch time
It just depends on the situation, my pg in jaipur has wifi so I don't even use mobile data, unless outside, whereas there is no wifi in my home where 5g is a very big help. I'm using my 5g hotspot to type this right now on my laptop.
I bought a 5G phone in BBD last year 1 reason is that I like to have the latest technology phone models with me. So that when next time I change the phone I can get the latest phone next time also in 4 years time when 6G would have probably arrived.

Also 5G gives great speeds compared to 4G once you get 5G speeds even while travelling when it changes to 3G you curse yourself. I travel in train a lot so still some small villages enroute dont even have full 4G connectivity and videos start to buffer, matches get stuck so you start cursing yourself.

The downside of getting 5G is you get addicted to it and once they start charging extra for 5G plans most likely you will subscribe to those especially if you travel a lot as 4G in 1 or 2 bar networks start buffering but 5G with 1 or 2 bar still is able to play videos
But why not? 5G increases your internet experience significantly when you are traveling or on the go.
This is why this question to get different perspective on the topic.
There is no doubt that WiFi is best for office purpose but sometimes it's not stable whereas heaving 5G alternative save the day.
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