The Nexus 7 Is Now Available In Japan


26 Mar 2012
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Hey, do you live in Japan? No? Well that's alright, because you'll still probably be happy to know that Google's first Nexus tablet is expanding its worldwide footprint, and this time it's headed to the land of the rising sun. This also seems to be confirmed on the Japanese Nexus splash page, which lists a price of 19,800 Japanese Yen for the 16GB model.



Japan joins the seven other countries the Nexus 7 is currently sold in - the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain. Google has slowly expanded the Nexus 7's international availability over the months since its release, and this is mostly because the business strategy behind the device has been to sell content - not hardware.
Many countries still have little or no support for Google's Play Movies, Music, and Books storefronts, meaning the company is unable to extract much in the way of post-purchase revenue from users. Or as Google might put it, the Nexus 7 would ship with an incomplete "Google experience," and considering how much emphasis has been put on Play since its rebranding from the Android Market, it only makes sense that Google is holding up Nexus 7 availability while content agreements are hammered out.
So, if you're in Japan, you should probably buy one of these things. I know I've thoroughly enjoyed mine.

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