Seeking Help Suggest me HD TV 32 inches

Quality doesn’t matters?
It does matters. On paper. But luck matters too, for any electronic device for that matter. We have used/heard a low budget Chinese brand mobile for many years and then we have flagship Samsung blasts in a day or 2. Does it mean Samsung is of poor quality? No, right. Same applies here. Overall quality wise Sony would be the best. But LG displays are equally good. Buy any brand which has the specs you need and Sprinkle some luck. That's it.
Which is long lasting panel.Sony Samsung or Lg
I bought a Panasonic 32 inch LCD TV in May 1st week 2010, 1 month before the FIFA World Cup but within two weeks the display had problem and they gave me a completely new TV within 1.5 weeks before the end of May itself.

Watched the FIFA World Cup 2010 in that newly replaced TV and then watched the next 2 World Cups in 2014 and 2018 in that same TV and finally bought a new 43inch 4K Smart TV last Oct so that I can watch last year FIFA World Cup in new 4K TV so the first bought Panasonic TV display was gone in 2 weeks the replaced one is still working fine and is being used along with the other 4K Smart TV.

So it is all about luck as to how long the display lasts
Any Suggestions for a 43 inch Led giving maximum brightness and high contrast ratio
my 32 inch Sony HD ready TV worked 4 year perfectly and from 4th year, Panel issue start coming and in the 6th year, completely died.
my next 32 inch Samsung HD ready tv worked perfectly 2 years and it's 3rd year now, already 3 times motherboard got damaged. luckily I have extended warranty service and 2 times it got replaced free of cost, now waiting for 3rd time replacement of motherboard.
I think my luck with branded TV not that great. My tv consuming hardly 1-2 hours at night and that too without DTH but still My bad luck continuing.
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