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2 May 2011
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Friends , i want to buy a new laptop of sony vaio so, please Suggest One...

Here Are The Features I Want In It
>Intel Core I7
>Full HD Display
>Windows Genuine
>I Link
>Nvidea Graphics Card
>4GB Ram(Minimum)
>500GB HDD (Minimum)
>Extra Battery
>Black In Color

Budget:- Rs 70,000
first of all personally i donot like sony vaio....its sound quality is not so good and if your budget is so high then go for apple is very good and user friendly.....
ya i thought about it
but mac 1lakh 32 thousand net and with transport 1 lakh 40 thousand
so , going for sony vaio........
who told you???????????????????????????????????????mac starts from 56000.just check the website
For a student i3/i5 processer is enough and you are still a school boy, also you have already 2 PC's.. What's the need of this then??
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