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Riya Sen-Sreesanth a couple?


22 Mar 2011
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There are talks that Riya Sen-Sreesanth liaison is the hottest thing in town...

While Zaheer Khan and Isha Sherwani have announced that they will be wed soon, Virat Kohli and Sarah Jane Dias seem to have found a comfortable connect, and the latest is that Riya Sen and Sreesanth, too, may just be an item.

Riya Sen has been spotted cheering for Sreesanth from the stands, and the two have also been seen hobnobbing with each other. Just as a romantic liaison between these two is being speculated, a close friend of Riya's decides to set the record straight for her.

We are told, "Riya and Sreesanth are not an item. Riya is the brand ambassador for the Kochi team, so naturally she'll be in the stands cheering away. Also, about having seen Sreesanth and Riya together, they were shooting for a jewellery brand recently. That's all there is to it."

So Riya Sen isn't batting on the wicket of love. At least, not yet!
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