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Freedom 251, the popular or rather sensational smartphone to have made tech enthusiasts across the globe sit straight and take notice is finally ready to reach users’ doorsteps. CEO Mohit Goel tells Tech2 that the Rs 251 smartphone will be ready to ship from 30 June, and the 2 lakh units will be shipped by 4-5 July. Talking about the LED TV , Goel added that he expects 1 lakh units by 30 June, and will go on sale by the first week, without any wait time.

He said that the delay was due to the battery, and its ‘Made in India’ smartphone is now ready. So, one of main questions is out of the 7.5 crore registered users, who will receive the device. The first 2 lakh registrations? Well, Goel has different plans. He wants to ensure the device reaches across India, and has planned state-wise lucky draws for the device. “We got the highest number of registrations from UP and so we will have a draw, about 2.5 crore, and so after a lucky draw about 10,000 users from the state will get the device,” he said. Similarly, he has planned lucky draws for other states. The devices will be shipped between the said dates, and on a cash on delivery basis. “Users will pay us only once the device reaches us,” he said.

The Freedom 251 is priced around Rs 250, which means it could get them a cut of estimated Rs 500 on the Rs 2,500 bill of materials. However, selling Rs 2,500 device at Rs 251 would still incur losses in crores.

This was the pilot phase, and Goel is sill uncertain about the next phase of shipments. “The next phase will start if we see some positive signs and support from the government,” he added. On asking, what support he expect. Goel said they have been looking for a land for the factory and plants. He also suggested a subsidy or some form of support could help them achieve the 60 crore units figure that we plan for the nation.

The company plans to use a software for the draw, as many people have registered for multiple phones. The software will ensure one email ID will receive just one phone, he said. “We have faced a lot of criticism and even had an FIR filed against us. We’ve been patient and taken it in our stride, and finally the phone is ready to be shipped,” he said.

Freedom 251: 2 lakh units to be shipped via state-wise lucky draw between 30 June to 5 July Tech2 Mobile
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