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Good News Purchased Airtel Xstream Fiber Connection


12 Mar 2019
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I bought new airtel fiber connection & I have subscribed to 100 Mbps plan for which Airtel will charge me ₹2829 for 3 months. Airtel has not charged me any kind of router charges, connection charges or installation charges. After 5 days from the day I booked the connection, Airtel team came to the house for connection installation and they established the connection in half to 1 hour. Currently I am getting download speed up to 120 Mbps and upload speed up to 130 Mbps. If the service of airtel is good, then after the end of my plan of 3 months, I can also subscribe to the plan of 200mbps. Earlier my experience with BSNL FTTH Broadband has been very bad. But there was no other service provider available in my area. That's why I was forced to use BSNL, but now my area has started Broadband facility, so I bought Airtel Xstream Fiber Connection.
Bro you do any special work which requires very high bandwidth? Because 200 Mbps is too much speed 😊

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