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Now, hackers target Apple Inc server


2 May 2011
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A group of computer hackers has posted a document online that contains usernames and passwords for an Apple Inc server.

The move is one among a series of earlier security breaches that had compromised government and corporate websites across the world, Fox News reports.

"AntiSec," a hacking campaign that includes hackers from both the online vigilante group Anonymous and hackers from the Lulz Security, posted a document containing a link to a supposed Apple server along with a list of 26 administrative usernames and passwords. AntiSec is Internet shorthand for "anti-security."

In their statement posted on Twitter, the hackers said that they got access to Apple's systems because of a security flaw in the software that is used by the Cupertino-based gadget maker and other companies.

"But don't worry, we are busy elsewhere," the hackers said.

The posted information is an outcome of a two-month campaign of the hackers, who targeted corporations like Sony Corp. and AT&T Inc, and government agencies such as the U.S. Senate, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

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