Seeking Help Not able to receive messages on iPhone 13


24 May 2015
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Hey Guys,

Got new phone and using iOS for the first time, and activated the Airtel esim on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, was logging in to some apps using mobile number and found that I was not receiving any otp's/messages on my number, so browsed through some threads and found that phone number needs to be selected in imessage settings.

I went to the setting and found that only email id is selected, now on going to icloud and adding phone number it is sending a 6 digit verification code to my number which obviously I am not able to receive in imessages, so what can be done? Stuck due to this

Any other messaging apps I can use to get out of this issue, help would be appreciated.

New Comments : So I went through few more threads and found that normal sms/otp's doesn't require the user to mandatorily have a phone number under "Send & Receive" and he would be able to receive these messages if he has network on his iPhone, connected to Airtel customer care and they updated that SMS services are blocked for 24 hrs after the esim activation, if any other member can confirm about this then I think we can close the thread
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It is NOT an iPhone issue. It is a safety precaution from Airtel's side to avoid banking frauds through SIM swap (including e-sim). You can NOT send or even receive SMS for 24 hours. But will start working without any issues after that, I am talking from my experience with Airtel.

BTW, enjoy your new phone bro...
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