Nokia N5 Images Leaked


2 May 2011
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When Nokia revealed the N9, the N950, and more recently the Sea Ray, most of us started to think that the company will maintain focus on the high-end smartphone segment for a while. With low-end Symbian smartphones currently available in the market, it wouldn't have been wrong for someone to think that these phones will be the last lot of mid-range Symbian devices. Now, here is a handset which will mark the entry of the Symbian Anna platform into this particular market segment. This new handset will be known as the Nokia N5. Images of this new handset have now leaked, displaying the handset in all its glory.

There is still some confusion over the operating system of the handset. While the source claims that this handset could run on Symbian Anna, it looks strikingly similar to the MeeGo platform. The hardware aspect of the Nokia N5 points towards a decently priced handset. The display looks like a 3.2", and there's a neatly placed 5 MP camera on the back. Physical buttons are present on the front, which is a good addition on mid-range handsets. A volume rocker is placed on the right hand side of the handset, and the left side is left plain. The device is currently a prototype, so the actual announcement could be made in a few days. Hopefully, the device will be launched soon, unlike the Nokia N9 which will not be launched in India initially. Also, according to the source, an N6 and N7 are on the cards, which could possibly be revamped versions of the N5.

The images show the N5 posing green and black colours. The user interface has seen improvements as compared to the current Symbian S60 v5 seen on most low-end Symbian smartphones. This clearly shows that the company is not merely focused on preparing flagship handsets; emphasis is being given the low-end market as well.

Here are a few of the leaked images:

so dear ssparikshya you are going to buy this? :)
i am also waiting to come to , thinking of taking one for me :buddys_by_graveyardwatcher: :thinking:
After the technical tie-up with Microsoft, Nokia will concentrate more on Windows OS phones. The Symbion will slowly phased out. Nokia should do this, because Android is getting popular and preferred OS by customers. This N5 will have a problem as a smartphone, since it uses Symbion OS.
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