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Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView Press Image Leaked


This might be the Nokia Lumia 920 , the first Nokia Windows Phone to run on Windows Phone 8 and feature PureView Camera technology. When Nokia launched the PureView 808 running on Symbian earlier this year, it was not clear why Nokia would launch a Symbian phone with latest camera technology in 2012 when it’s primary focus was on Windows Phone . Looks like we should be seeing a Nokia Windows Phone with PureView Camera technology soon.The leak talks about a 4.5 inch Lumia 920 and we can see Carl Zeiss branding on the back . The lens and flash arrangement seems similar to the Nokia N9 and Lumia 900 and slightly different from the Lumia 800.The phone will mostly run on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Nokia is going to announce new phones in New York on September 5th and this might be the highlight of the announcement. Is this going to be the Nokia Lumia 920 ?

[via evleaks]
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Nokia Lumia 920 to feature wireless charging

According to a report from The Verge, a technology blog, Nokia Lumia 920 which is highly expected to be launched at a joint Microsoft-Nokia event on September 5 in New York, will feature wireless charging.

"Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging support will be provided via an inductive method — lining the device up to the contacts on a charging pad, adding "it will support the Qi wireless power standard — making it compatible with other wireless charging products."

Here is the leaked image showing the models (presumably Nokia Lumia 920, 820) on their charging pad. The pad looks to be nearly as long as the phone itself.


Apart from this the Verge states, Nokia's Lumia 920 will have 32GB of device storage, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The Verge also confirmed that the Lumia 920 will have a 4.5-inch HD display.

But besides these confirmed features, there is one rumoured aspect of the Lumia 920 - a PureView camera. But the Verge also confirmed the same saying that the Lumia 920 "will indeed brand its Lumia 920 camera as PureView, but that the camera will be an 8-megapixel one — not the 41-megapixel one found on the company's 808 PureView handset." The phone will also have a 1.3-megapixel front camera.

Via IBNlive
RE: Nokia Lumia 920 to feature wireless charging

Ohh Thats very gud, wireless charging... :eek:hya
Thankx for sharing madan ji.. :win
Nokia Lumia 920 to feature wireless charging

Yes wireless charging, sounds good.
RE: Nokia Lumia 920 to feature wireless charging

yes wireless changing is a unique thing by nokia now. :eek:hya
RE: Nokia Lumia 920 to feature wireless charging

Hope other phones also get this feature soon. :sp
Nokia Lumia 920 for sale in Nov

Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone to go on sale in November: Operators


Nokia will start selling its new smartphone, potentially its last chance to break into the most profitable part of mobile phone market and secure its future, in November, sources at European telecoms operators said on Friday.

The Lumia 920, which uses Microsoft's Windows software, is Nokia's attempt to catch up with Apple's iPhone and a string of popular phones using Google's Android software, like Samsung's Galaxy models.

The new phone, which with its rounded edges and colourful covers look similar to its predecessors, was unveiled on Wednesday and drew a thumbs down from many analysts, who felt it lacked the "wow" factor to make big inroads against rivals.

They were also unsettled by Nokia's refusal to say when the phone, and the smaller Lumia 820 models, would go on sale, or to give details on the price and operator partners.

Once the world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia fell behind rivals in the fast-growing smartphone market and has struggled to catch up, racking up more than 3 billion euros in operating losses in the last 18 months and forcing it to cut 10,000 jobs, as well as pursue asset sales.

By going on sale in November, the Lumia 920 will hit stores in time for the key holiday sales season.

But it will probably be more than a month after Apple's new iPhone and will also face stiff competition from Samsung, which last week unveiled the world's first Windows Phone 8 model, as well as new models from HTC and Google's Motorola.

An executive at an eastern European telecoms operator said he would start selling the Lumia 920 - which features a high-quality camera and touch screen that can be used with gloves - in the second half of November, adding larger countries would receive the model earlier that month.

"The problem is that Nokia has temporarily destroyed the market for its own phones. Nobody will buy the old Windows phone and until the new Lumia comes, the market is absolutely dead," the executive said, declining to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media on the subject.

Industry sources said on Thursday that Nokia had cut the prices of its older smartphones.

Analysts expect the Finnish firm to lose another 700 million euros in the July-September quarter and to sell around 3.6 million Windows phones, down from the last quarter.

In comparison, Samsung sold more than 20 million units of its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone in just 100 days.

Samsung has become the world's largest smartphone maker as Nokia's share of the market has plunged to less than 10 percent from 50 percent during its heyday before the iPhone was launched in 2007.

A Nokia spokesman declined to comment on Friday on when the Lumia 920 would go on sale.

Sourcs :
Nokia Lumia 920, 820 get official European prices, launching in November


The optical nous of the Lumia 920 won't just be visiting Australia soon. Nokia has revealed that its Windows Phone 8 flagship will arrive in Europe priced at 649 euros ($836), while the Lumia 820 will arrive several hundred euros cheaper at 499 euros ($643). Both will arrive in Italy and Germany some time in November, although the company weren't pointing to any specific launch date just yet. Further east, Russian Nokia fans can already put in their preorder, with the devices there arriving at some point in Q4.

Nokia Lumia 920, 820 get official European prices, launching in November - Engadget
Nokia 920 smartphone: Will Microsoft-Nokia combination click

BANGALORE: Nokia along with Microsoft made a historic launch in New York City that received global attention. First, it is a bold attempt by Nokia to claim its leadership in the "smart phone" category, though its leadership in the overall mobile phone category is nearly intact (it slipped to No 2 position early this year, after 14 years as No 1). Second, it is the first major release of smart phone powered by Windows 8 (though Samsung did show among many other things in a recent event in Berlin). Third, it is the first major attempt by Nokia to launch a major product in USA, the leader in smart phone market (though not the largest market, that undoubtedly is China).

Nokia 920 smartphone: Will Microsoft-Nokia combination click - The Times of India
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