Nokia introduces the first three Symbian Belle phones - Nokia 700, 701 and 600

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5 Aug 2011
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Nokia has announced three new “no compromise mass-market smartphones,” the Symbian Belle-based Nokia 700, 701, and 600. All three phones are expected sometime in Q3 2011. The Finnish giant also announced that the Symbian Belle operating system will be available for download soon, compatible with previous generation Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices – all of which will also begin shipping with Symbian Belle onboard. Stay tuned for more coverage of the Symbian Belle platform.

Though Symbian Belle was expected to be announced at around this time, it is quite a pleasant surprise that Nokia decided to introduce three new models simultaneously, thought by many as a move to keep alive interest in the platform. Apart from the operating system and 1GHz processor in common, the three phones have Near Field Communications (NFC) technology onboard, and with their launch, Nokia is also introducing a range of NFC-enabled mobile accessories – including the Nokia Essence Bluetooth Stereo Headset. The headset has a feature that allows it to pair with any NFC-enabled smartphone simply by tapping them together.

The three new Symbian Belle phones all have different form factors, with the Nokia 700 being called the “most compact touch screen monoblock smartphone in the world,” the Nokia 701 being called the “sleek and stylish smartphone with the world’s brightest mobile display for indoor or outdoor use,” and the Nokia 600 being called “Nokia’s loudest entertainment smartphone” at 106 phons.
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