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3 Nov 2010
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Hello everyone

Good News!!! Our beloved OnlyTech community got a new makeover. We are pleased to announce the addition of the "members popular" XenBase styles on OnlyTech. Many of our members liked the XenBase style very much, and hence we thought it is wise to include the style here. Wait, it doesn't stop there. We have brought the XenBase Dark style as well.

Use the style chooser at the footer of our page to switch to the XenBase style and enjoy your favourite look on OnlyTech.

- Switch to XenBase
- Switch to XenBase Dark
Yes one minute ago automatically changed to default theme so was wondering why
Yes one minute ago automatically changed to default theme so was wondering why
Maintaining two dark styles wasn't viable so removed the other style. I hope XenBase Dark is better than the old dark style.
Can we get preview option before applying?
Can we get preview option before applying?

You can actually get the fullview in just 2 clicks and switch back to default in another 2 clicks. Then why worry about preview.

However a straightforward answer to your query is NO. There's no such preview option made available on the software yet. I don't think xenforo devs have such idea even in their remotest area of their brain. Never seen such discussion on their support forums. So it's not coming anytime soon either.
"OnlyTech" not looking good in XenBase theme it should be smaller just like it's currently in the default theme.


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