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New Free Smartphone App Will Help You Make The Devil ‘Shut Up’ [VIDEO]


30 Aug 2013
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Ever since Apple made their iOS line, the
demand for applications has grown tenfold.
Starting out with iPhones followed by Android,
it seemed as if apps were the wave of the
future. It is apps that have taken the video
game industry by storm, making regular
console and PC games somewhat obsolete.
Zynga and Rovio are the first to prove this
through their respective games, Farmville and
Angry Birds. Then apps went from luxury to
necessity as banks, theaters, supermarkets, and
many other businesses utilized their own apps
to make the lives of their customers easier.
Now reports are coming in of a brand new app
that will assist Christians in keeping sin at bay
by telling the devil to “shut up”! That’s right!
There is now an app that promotes silencing
Satan whenever he attacks!
According to an article by Charisma News, the
Shut Up, Devil! app is an innovative resource
placing the power of the Word of God in one’s
pocket because it is on a smartphone, which
these days, everyone has. With the app, one is
ready to resist the devil whenever and
wherever he rears his ugly head. There are
even app features, such as reminders, that
help people keep the enemy at bay and
silenced in their lives.
Opposing Views followed up on the article in
which they report extras from the app’s
official website at ShutUpDevil.org . This
includes common categories to help users with
organization such as “Full Armor of God” and
“Start Your Day”. There are also categories
personalized with a person’s struggles, which
includes addictions, anger, and anxiety. Once a
category is picked, it contains cards that show
the scripture from the Holy Bible and a means
to talk back to shut the devil up. A card for
“fear” is shown below as an example.
The “Shut Up Devil!” app has cards specified
for certain struggles people may have. This
card examples “fear”.
Now that you read what this app is all about,
we would like to hear your personal opinions
about it. For Christians, is this an innovative
and powerful way to get the Word of God in
your life or is it a just a novelty or gimmick?
For those who are app-savvy, will the app’s
structure work for the people it aims its use
for? Please let us know what you think in the
comments below. http://www.inquisitr.com/1395200/new-free-smartphone-app-will-help-you-make-the-devil-shut-up-video/
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