Netflix reduces prices in over 100 countries


25 May 2016
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Netflix decreased its subscription costs in more than 100 territories over the past week or so as customers continue to contemplate which streaming services to keep amid price hikes. The amount that Netflix is lowering its prices varies from country to country, but discounts for the basic tier range between 20% and 60%, according to Ampere Analysis.

India is not on the list as of now. The full list can be viewed here - Netflix price drop affects more than 10m subscribers
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I think netflix need to rollout another price decrease and sell basic at 149 or Atleast launch 1499 basic plan per year.... So, that some of the hotstar premium subscribers will opt for this... It is the correct time for them because Hotstar lost ipl rights, didn't renewed hbo rights and a big chunk of hotstar subscriptions are due for renewal in March to may..
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