Sale of mobile antivirus software grew by over 100% in 2016: Amazon India


21 Jun 2013
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At a time when cyber crimes are affecting millions of devices globally, e-tailer said that mobile software witnessed a growth of over 100 percent in 2016, with Android protection software topping the list. ”With the growth in purchase of smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and increasing internet penetration, Indian customers are increasingly buying various software products online to enhance and protect their electronic devices,” the company said in a statement.

Antivirus protection kits were the most sought-after product across the country and top products sold in mobile software category are multi device/Android protection software by popular brands like Kaspersky, K7 and Quick Heal. The single user subscription — software that can be used by one consumer only — sub-category saw more than 80 per cent growth with maximum demand from customers.

“Non-educational software which comprises of products like antivirus, internet security and total protection and other office use products saw a growth of over 85 percent in the last one year,” the company said. Kaspersky, Quick Heal, McAfee, Eset, K7 and Microsoft were the top selling brands under this category are with Microsoft witnessing a growth of over 75 per cent and had a nearly four times spike in sales during Diwali.

There was high demand for non-educational software from tier II and tier III cities, with Ahmedabad and Chandigarh topping the charts once again. Multi device software — that can be run on multiple devices like phone, laptop, tablet, etc. with a single key — grew over 2.5 times in the past year.

“Overall, we saw that customers are increasingly becoming aware of the different types and brands of software program available in the market and are conscious of avoiding pirated software,” said. While Mumbai led in the purchase of mobile softwares followed by Bengaluru and Delhi, Tier II and Tier III cities were close in terms of demand for mobile software products.

Ahmedabad and Chandigarh witnessed high demand for mobile software such as Kaspersky Android security and Quick Heal Android Security. Bhopal too has emerged as a growing market for this sub-category.

Sale of mobile antivirus software grew by over 100% in 2016: Amazon India
Wow people using antivirus on Linux. [emoji54] That shows the power of marketing [emoji57]

Sarkar said:
Wow people using antivirus on Linux. [emoji54]  That shows the power of marketing [emoji57]

It's because of the over hype given by the media for Android malware. I think all those articles about millions of devices getting affected due to android malware like quad root are paid!
Definitely paid as unlike windows nothing can run without permission in Linux. And if an user gives permission then no antivirus can protect them as Linux antivirus cannot even Uninstall malware apps without permission from user which is not the case in windows.

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