Breaking Crunchyroll has reduced monthly Subscription prices in India and 100 countries & Announced Hindi dubs for two Anime series

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28 Apr 2018
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Crunchyroll has reduced monthly subscription prices in India & 100 countries. they have reduced monthly premium subscription price - from $ 99.00 to (₹ 99.00/month , yearly . they have mentioned the countries name where Crunchyroll prices have been reduced to give more value to customers in those countries.


Earlier subscription price of Crunchyroll in India is above mentioned and shown in dollars (USD) had to convert into INR , fan monthly prices- 7.99$ /month , mega fan/monthly-9.99$ /month , mega fan (annual 12 month plan)- 79.99$/yr. it earlier mentioned annual subscription give 33%saving


New reduced pricing has made it into INR ( Indian rupees) has reduced subscription prices significantly - fan monthly price - (₹ 79/month) , mega fan-/ month - (₹ 99/month) , mega fan (annual 12 month plan) - (₹999/yr). I don't understand why they mentioned vat inclusive in both . both earlier subscription price & new updated subscription price is vat inclusive. new updated reduced annual pricing mentions it gives 15% savings.

Crunchyroll Price reduction FAQ

Crunchyroll has also announced Hindi dubs for two anime series - Ranking of kings & My Dress-up Darling for now.

Crunchyroll has more dubs on the way, including two acclaimed series that will be dubbed in Hindi.
they have mentioned more series would be dubbed later.

Crunchyroll President Rahul Purini had the following to say on the latest additions for fans in India: “There is a massive appetite for anime in India with a growing number of fans who are craving more of what they love. Our team has worked hard to expand our service – including more content and more dubs, at a more affordable price.”

(p.s - I hope they will dub in other Indian languages as well )
Bro that's really cheap. Now everyone should support Crunchyroll. They will definitely bring anime content for India. 😳😳😳

Sony Yay bringing animes and now Sony dropped another bomb for anime fans.
Bro that's really cheap. Now everyone should support Crunchyroll. They will definitely bring anime content for India. 😳😳😳

Sony Yay bringing animes and now Sony dropped another bomb for anime fans.
yes but just for Hindi dub of two anime series most people may not subscribe hope they dub in other Indian languages as well Tamil & Telugu or at least increase the anime series with Hindi dub , if possible other languages as well . ranking of kings its understandable and I don't understand what was the need to start Hindi dub with my dress up darling . though they are popular there are so many other anime series which would actually have motivated more people to subscribe to Crunchyroll. price reduction is great surprise hope they do market Crunchyroll well in Sony liv and their tv channels & PlayStation network .

edit - sorry earlier checked may be they are testing Hindi sub for other anime series but its not working showing error subtitles , they might use hindi sub for other anime series not having Hindi dubs.

found they have updated Hindi dub episodes of both ranking of kings and my dress up darling already . if not subscribed to premium subscription we have to search Hindi dub only then the episode is shown



without premium subscription we are restricted to watch sample clip of Hindi dub episodes . they have dubbed all episodes of both anime series in Hindi which i didn't expect.
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Definitely getting a subscription. ₹79 is a steal. 👌🏻
Agree ₹ 79x12= ₹ 948/ year is better compared to ₹ 999/yr mega fan annual subscription at home only 1 or 2 people watch anime its better to subscribe fan one . I will also do same . I only watch anime occasionally nowadays.
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( dialogue Hindi subtitle approx. translation - I think about what will happen to our kingdom after I'm gone ) , hope they start testing subtitle in other Indian languages too like they dub their web series in the Sony liv app in Crunchyroll too. its showing Hindi word as hind in Devanagari script.

Hindi subtitle option started testing on Crunchyroll

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