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Seeking Help Need to Buy a TV


6 Nov 2020
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Congratulations! How is the quality of Hisense compared to other brands?
Thanks. I saw/read many comparisons betwewn VU, Hisense, Motorola, Mi and felt Hisense best suited for me.
My upgrade ia from a 32' LCD TV and it is a very good upgrade indeed.
- TV reads my 2TB HDD as it is
- Native video player plays all kind of video formats
- It is faster compared to my 2nd Gen Firestick
- HDR is fantastic on Amazon Contents, Yey to visualise Dolby Vision content
- Paired with my HTIV300 this is a awesome buy for me
- I was looking for VU Ultra and since it was out of stock, went with Hisense
- Major point -- 3 years Manufacturer's warranty. This was a major deciding factor for me since most TV parts are Chinese made

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