Motorola Xoom MZ601 - Betrayed by its apps ecosystem


5 Aug 2011
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There's a lot to like about the Xoom, especially after tweaks and updates collectively make it a much better device. The biggest problem isn't the Xoom, but the dearth of tablet-friendly apps - it seems only iOS is hot when it comes to this class of device form factor. The Xoom is a good tablet, but really, tablets are little more than the sum of apps that run on them, and at the moment, the iPad has a much better ecosystem.

Well built and finished
Some elements implemented differently - power button placement, for example
Steady performance - didn’t slow down even with background apps
Not locked to any cellular network
A web browser that can actually multi-task properly

Extremely glossy - accumulates too many fingerprints
The display of white colour isn't very clean; more off-white than white
Battery disappoints - discharges quicker than the iPad 2 under same usage
Bulky charger- more like the one we get with a netbook
Not enough tablet-optimized apps on Android

After the huge disappointment the HTC Flyer was, we were kind of hoping that the Motorola Xoom would at least keep the Android challenge to the Apple iPad alive, something that hasn’t gone too well for the Google-developed OS.
Look & Feel
It is really a case of two extremes here. The solid and classy build as well as different looks are combined in what is (and there is really no other way of putting this) in a slightly bulky form factor. To put this in perspective, the Xoom has a thickness of almost 13mm, while the iPad to has kept its diet in check, at 8.8mm! The Xoom’s design, particularly on the rear panel, amplifies this thickness. The max thickness is at the middle, and the slight curve means the thickness reduces, as you are getting closer to the edges. This slight tapering does help quite a bit with the grip. Weight is again something where the iPad 2 has an advantage. The Xoom tips the scales at 730 grams, while the iPad 2 weighs just a bit more than 600 grams and the Samsung Tab 750 weighs about 570 grams.
However, move beyond the weight issues (really!) and we were pretty impressed by the looks. Glossy black around the display on the front, and a mix of matte black and silver – with certain new design elements. The power key is placed on the rear panel, the logic being that it is easier to reach the key with the finger while holding the tablet in its normal usage position. We really can’t disagree with that one, and quite like the idea. The other thing, and Motorola received some bit of flak for this, is the depressed design of the volume keys. Some say that they are too hidden away, and affect their intuitiveness. However, they do gel in well with the overall design.

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