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27 Oct 2016
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Microsoft today confirmed that it’s allowing users to upgrade Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, but it’s likely the upgrade will be rolled out to everyone automatically later on:
“We’re upgrading Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. This will take us some time to complete. For now, this is an opt-in experience, as we continue to work on enhancing the Microsoft Teams experience. We encourage you to take control of your upgrade to Microsoft Teams. Start getting yourself familiar with the Microsoft Teams experience.”
Following Slack?:confused:
Microsoft’s software alternative to Slack is now open for guests.
Six months after the general release of its workplace messaging app Teams, Microsoft will now allow customers to share Teams channels with guest users from other companies. Microsoft also reported an update on user traction for the service, saying that 125,000 organizations are now using Teams in 25 languages.

Microsoft Says Its Slack Challenger Teams Is Growing, Now Open To Guests
Microsoft launched its Slack competitor, Microsoft Teams, just over a year ago. At launch, the software giant only unveiled paid subscriptions for its chat service, with no free or freemium tiers for businesses to upgrade from. It looks like that’s about to change, though. Petri reports that the latest test versions of Microsoft Teams include multiple references to a freemium tier, with options to “upgrade to paid version.”

Microsoft’s Slack competitor might get a free version soon
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