Mega upload gone !

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3 Nov 2010
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Yes guys that is terribly frustrating.But due to copyrights now its shut down.
Read some news about it here-
Its horrible and irritating !

Frankly, when i heard Anonymous attacked and took down DoJ And Universal Music Group websites, it was a partial relief. MU was one of the greatest filesharing service i knew. Good for free users, good for premioum users too...

Read More Here :
Well its a big loss for wearz sites as they mainly do sharing of files,videos etc. By mega upload.
Yeah, but most of MU traffic was legit !
R.I.P MU (2005-2012)

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find detail here :
They are trying to come back again,back up process is going on.You can access it here-

I think they will successfully come online again. ;)
Well they are just backing up now and yes its same mega upload but they have no domain and i have given you the serven ip site.After they buy new domain they may back and still they are struggling a lot to go online.
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