Google Photos for Web Gets Easier Uploading, Keyboard Shortcuts


21 Jun 2013
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Google has updated its Google Photos client for the Web. The search giant this time has improved the uploading process for Web users and has introduced keyboard shortcuts as well in the update.

As per the company, the Google Photos Web client would let users save some precious time by uploading photos from the PC directly into an album, including the shared ones. The update would also let them use keyboard shortcuts to edit, enhance, delete, download, search, and perform other actions quickly. All users need to do is to press Shift + the letter or a combination of letters to perform a task.

Some keyboard shortcuts include X to select a photo; Esc. to go back, close or deselect; Z or +/- to zoom in or out images; i to show or hide the image info, / to search for photos, o to show original photo, a to auto enhance a photo, [up] or r to rotate a photos, and much more, as detailed on the company's Google+ post .

Last month, Google made it easier to edit photos on the Web version as a part of an update. Users can swipe between images while staying in the edit mode. As soon as the user moves away from the edit mode, the edits will be saved automatically and can be undone as well by clicking on "Revert to Original". The company also shut Picasa to shift its focus to the new Google Photos service, which launched less than a year ago. Pictures or videos in Picasa online albums will be automatically available in people's Google Photos accounts.

Google Photos for Web Gets Easier Uploading, Keyboard Shortcuts | NDTV
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