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Seeking Help Looking for new Broadband connection on Pune, suggestions please


26 Jul 2015
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Airtel is most stable. 40mbps is good for uhd streaming. what more you need?
Don't bargain speed for reliability. imho


24 May 2015
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So now having spent almost complete month in my new flat I was still not able to figure out a proper Fibernet provider, tried contacting Airtel, Tata Sky, I-on, Mach One, Jio and many more but each one had one similar response that Sir we are not feasible in your society till now, moreover my society just has availability of 4 providers - Hathway Fiber, Tikona, Tata Tele Services and Gazon(Viztel), out of these I rejected Tikona(due to frauds and bad reputations) and Tata Tele(still using Copper wires) and it is one of the biggest societies of Wakad region having around 1K flats still no Airtel,Jio or Tata Sky.

Atlast choosing Hathway as they have better plans, would be installing it tomorrow evening

I have to decide among two plans for 3 months(might change after 3 months if Jio or Airtel launches here)
1) Upto 150 Mbps Speed(1000GB per month) and after FUP - 6 Mbps....Price : 3362.
2) Upto 50 Mbps Speed Unlimited Data .......Price : 3891

Prefering first one because of 150 Mbps speed but I don't know how much data we'll consume in a month, never felt the need for calculating data usage as I was always on unlimited plan on all ISP's, would 1000 GB be enough for 3 people( mainly would be using for Netflix, Prime, Youtube, torrents etc)?

And if anyone is using Hathway Fiber please tell how is the latency while gaming and are there any downtimes?
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