LG 55 Inch OLED TV


12 Jan 2012
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LG 55 Inch OLED TV


LG has announced it’s new 55 inch OLED TV at CES this year. The new LG 55 inch OLED TV measures just 4mm thick and weighs just 7.5kg. LG 55 Inch OLED TV is equipped with LG’s 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner features within LG’s organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display.

LG’s 4-Color Pixels and Color Refiner work together to generate natural and accurate colors that are sharp and consistent. The 4-Color Pixels feature allows for more accurate color depiction by using a set of four colors (red, green blue and white) in comparison to the RGB setup used by other OLED TV manufacturers.

LG’s OLED TV are 1,000 times faster than LED/LCD displays and LG OLED TV shows crystal clear motion without any blurring or bleeding

Thanx Vinay, sudhanshu, gssran & omprakash...:)

@ omparkash sharma : Its announced yesterday only :p
Also, since u already have a Panasonic Vierra, enjoy it buddy :)
Dear friends

as i post before, Samsung is the best after Sony

in picture quality and other functions and also long life

So when any friend want to purchase the LCD / LED TV,

Best option is SAMSUNG LED TV.

If you think purchase LCD , it is better to purchase LED tv, it is more cost from LCD , but too much difference in picture quality and receiption.

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