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27 Oct 2016
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anyway to log out when my PC shut down ? actually there is a way that log out when all browser close but missing the option to log out when pc is shut down
LastPass has long been the password manager to recommend thanks to its generous free offer that allows you to store as many passwords as you need on as many devices as you own, but that's about to change. LogMeIn, the company behind the software, has announced that it's making the free tier a lot more limited. Free users will only be able to use LastPass either on their computers or their mobile devices (phones, tablets, watches).

LastPass nerfs free tier, effectively forcing users to pay for Premium
TO those looking for a free replacement to store only passwords, Mozilla Lockwise and Bitwarden are the free apps available for you. For paid versions, 1password beats the rest...
LastPass recently caused an uproar by announcing forthcoming changes to its pricing model that will effectively nerf the free tier, and now the company is in for some more bad news. According to a report published by German cybersecurity researcher Mike Kuketz (via The Register), the password manager uses seven third-party trackers that introduce potential security issues, prompting him to recommend LastPass users to switch to competitors.

Kuketz used Exodus Privacy to identify which third-party trackers the app uses, and he managed to find the following seven:
  • AppsFlyer
  • Google Analytics
  • Google CrashLytics
  • Google Firebase Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • MixPanel
  • Segment
LastPass analytics code raises questions about potential security issues
So our data is compromised??? This raises the burning question again , should we use any 3rd party password manager ?
So our data is compromised??? This raises the burning question again , should we use any 3rd party password manager ?
For what it's worth, the competition isn't completely free of trackers, either, though at least most only use a reasonable amount. Bitwarden uses the HockeyApp for crash reporting and Google Firebase for live sync push notifications (the F-Droid version is free of those) while Microsoft Authenticator and Dashlane have four third-party trackers. MYKI has two, and Enpass has only one. 1Password and KeePassDX are completely free of trackers.
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