Sad News Kathua rape-murder case.

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Absolutely bro. Any money collected as tax will always be from States. (y)

So states should have more freedom to choose how will they spend their monetary share which was not possible in earlier
Wrong interpretation.
States have to keep their share of 40% or 50% money to get rest of the money from Union Govt which they used to contribute 10% or 20%.
So they have less money for any specific schemes for their state.
Indirectly loss to the states.
See zee news. They got cctv footage of 1accused in Atm on 15 January bt on the chargesheet in the written that the accused Vishal Jangotra in Kathua. New controversy happend
Sorry guys missed this post earlier...
But since I am from Kathua.. it's my moral duty to throw some light on the case..
This case is not as simple as it looks.
Investigation team was changed three times and the story also got changed three times. Crime branch manfactured a new theory which was baseless on grounds and gave religious angle to it. We local people were demanding a free and fair enquiry which state machinery under Mehbooba couldn't do as prior to investigation Mehbooba had called it rape and investigation changed from murder to rape accordingly . Then cleverly they created a narrative which was enough to give them lime light and national media without checking facts played it repeatedly and even called local people pro rapists from 500 km away in AC rooms. The MLA which also asked for CBI inquiry was made to resign and Arnab kept shouting without knowing a single fact... Now zee news have come up with ground report and fact check and see what the crime branch has done. Totally fake script to disturb the communal harmony of region. Just to make it clear that we people of Jammu are also seeking justice for minor but we don't want any innocent to be tortured. Conduct a CBI inquiry let the truth come out and hang who so ever is the culprit.

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Thats what people of jammu demanding Cbi probe bt all in vain. Waiting for tomorrow
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