Good News Jio Bharat Phone and plans launched

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31 Oct 2015
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§ Jio Bharat to enable existing 250 million feature phone users with internet-enabled phones
§ Jio Bharat platform leverages device and network capabilities to deliver internet-enabled services on entry-level phones
§ Besides Reliance Retail, other phone brands (starting with Karbonn), to adopt the ‘Jio Bharat platform’ to build ‘Jio Bharat phones’


- Beta trial for first 1 million Jio Bharat phones begins from 7th July 2023
- To ensure scalability of platform and processes for upgrading millions of feature phone users
- To be carried out across 6,500 tehsils


- At only ₹ 999, the lowest entry price for an internet-enabled phone
- 30% cheaper monthly plan and 7 times more data compared to feature phone offerings of other operators
- ₹ 123 per month for unlimited voice calls and 14 GB data, compared to other operator’s ₹ 179 plan for voice calls and 2GB data


Source: Jio press release
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Looks like Article PR wrote by some Whatsapp University guys, some words like 2G mukt or 250 million 2G subscribers trapped unnecessary. Still most of people in India happy with these feature phones.
Most of those phones users using just for phone calls/Bank messages, even they doesn't care about their plans which contains 1GB/2 GB data.
Even excluding the data component, the voice tariff is still 25-30% less than that of 2G voice tariff and gives Voice over LTE which is Digital compared to the Analogue counterpart on 2G and hence clearer.
Jio has Pan India 850 MHz for 4G VoLTE which is better than the 900 MHz of incumbent operators though they have mostly refarmed that for 4G and have shifted 2G voice to 1800 MHz which has an even inferior performance.
I've still doubt why didn't they name it JioPhone 3 instead of JioBharat? The plan are cheaper than JioPhone plan gives these benefits at Rs 153/month
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True. Whoever using JioPhone don't want to leave it and shift back to 2G featured phone as no operator match Jio quality over voice call.
it can only be broken with BSNL 4g launch on 900mhz with some indian/gloabla handset manufaturer
and match these tariff , possibly 1-3% variation in up or down side.

secondly some political parties may take advantage and give FREE BSNL/jio bharat phone with 1 year recharge

then only bharat can be 2G mukt.

currently only delay is BRITISH mindset of vodafone idea board member, who are continuing 2g and 3g network and once made fight that making IUC zero would lead to closure of 2g sites/town. as iuc income were use to pay rent of these site, as those were fully capitalized and only need operating expense like electricity and fuel-diesel to run and keep network alive.
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