Good News Jio Bharat Phone and plans launched

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  1. Phone are not cheap but priced cheap, as if we look at the technical value eg. VoLTE voice call service they are providing at very cheap price.
  2. May be they want to put the JioPhone users in seperate bucket but these only calling and SMS users in seperate.
  3. In coming future they will definitely provide free reacharge for few months by pumping 499-549 in regular price of Rs 999/-
  4. JioPhone users were already demanding for new phone as JioPhone 1 is outdated and lags a lot. I'll buy this for my family members who just use JioPhone for call, and were struggling with JioPhone for a while.
  5. Future seems to be bright for Jio in phone segment as the hype created might bring them back in smartphone or may be their LYF brand back to the life. Govt is already pulling away the wicked Chinese smartphone.
Telcos finds tough for below Rs.90/100 recharges per month after IUC removal.
that is where MVNO needed
in many counties all MVNO have combined market share of 5-15% and these are either low cost subscriber of special audience with same need, just think of bank with sim or retail chain with sim.

in india out of 1100 million, its very much possible that 10% subscriber can be shifted to MVNO brand and make telco like airtel and jio focus on prime customers
secondly with lot of spectrum brought under recent auction, there is almost 10-20% extra /space /spare capacity to lease/handle by MVNO/MVNE/MVNA player. O- operator, E-enabler, A-aggregator

some company defiantly can provide service on profitable basis with pure voice users under rs100 /month . expected that BSNL will crack first deal and GOI and DOT will start MVNO culture in India, which AVOID was opposing for many years.
Even Vi, can be at back stage and let MVNA aggregate demand and manage operation or even RAN to target audience.

many parties are already in discussion
it can only be broken with BSNL 4g launch on 900mhz with some indian/gloabla handset manufaturer
and match these tariff , possibly 1-3% variation in up or down side.

secondly some political parties may take advantage and give FREE BSNL/jio bharat phone with 1 year recharge

then only bharat can be 2G mukt.

currently only delay is BRITISH mindset of vodafone idea board member, who are continuing 2g and 3g network and once made fight that making IUC zero would lead to closure of 2g sites/town. as iuc income were use to pay rent of these site, as those were fully capitalized and only need operating expense like electricity and fuel-diesel to run and keep network alive.
Nokia needs to tie up with BSNL. They have great VoLTE keypad handsets around 2500 and price can be brought down to 1200-1500 and giving unlimited voice calls and 300SMS under what Jio is providing. Mostly at 99. It will be great help for BSNL. But the question is BSNL doesn't have Greenfield network. Also if will take atleast one year to deploy 4G on 900Mhz. So whatever you say, it's win win for Jio.

Stop saying nonsense. Airtel still have 2G network on 900Mhz at most of the places. For God's sake, see the quality of 900Mhz LTE of Airtel in Gujarat. Then talk here. Airtel has shut down 3G network, but it has not been great in network performance overall. See the Airtel 5G quality. It's been below par. Even Airtel 4G works where load is below certain amount. India is big country. It will take time to shut down 3G network. With such horrible tariffs, it's not possible to upgrade the network.
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