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23 Aug 2018
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1. On average how much mobile data do you consume per day?

2. What's your active plan?

3. Do you have Broadband connection at home?

4. When you are on a low data plan. Like a 6GB for 84 days plan. Do you consume the media on your phone using mobile data or wait until to be connected with wifi to consume the media?
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1. On an average 500 MB of mobile data. 1-2 GB of FTTH on Laptop/Smart TV.
2. That 84 days 1.5 GB per day plan of Jio. Now Shifted to 1299 plan. 😂
3. Yes. It is BSNL FTTH. Top speed. Low downtime. Good service.
4. I was never in low data situation.
1. my office my home always connected with railwire everywhere. Only mobile data use during traveling fro home to office and vice versa.
2. 6GB for 84days plan in Airtel.
3.Railwire 529 FTTH 1TB 50mbps
1. 3GB per day for Browsing & WFH

2. Airtel 2 GB yearly plan plus Data add-on pack

3. No

4. Wait to connect to WiFi for browsing YouTube
1. Check ss below for my last month usage. The ss also shows who eats most of my data. 😜
2. 1.5gb/day plan on Airtel and 75gb no daily limit plan on Jio.
3. Not at home. But have BSNL BB at my shop.
4. No.



Yes as i thought DH+ (OTT) is the culprit here to eat our data & our pocket too 😤😤
1. Around 2 GB data per day. I use unlimited night data and weekend roll over to download webseries and movies when they release. So I end up using extra 10-15 GB data on weekends.

2. ₹444 double data plan offering 4 GB data per data on Vi.

3. No, I don't have a broadband connection at home.

4. I used the IUC balance to recharge ₹129 plan with 15 GB data from plan and 2 GB from the plan. It was a big mistake. So I was on a limited data plan with 17 GB month which is less if you are constantly watching videos on social media sites. So I use to wait to use data when I was connected to WiFi or reach home and use via my other phones' hotspot which had carried over data from Airtel number to consume media.
Hotstar got live content like cricket, premier league, F1 racing and other sporting events. It's better to pay ₹500 to stream legally. Than use a ☠️ feed which will eventually go down or be delayed. This is why their subscription sells well.

Also Hotstar just like every other India based OTT services are a pathetic app when it comes to data compression. Just download any Hotstar or HBO original on comparision to a Disney+ original. You will see a huge difference of 500-600 mb.
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