how can i design my own website free ?


20 Apr 2011
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dear friend
i am new on internet want some help
i visit a website sleek sight dot com its provied me free website but i don't
know to make a designing can any one tell how i can make a free website update and
designing i am very thankful to u for your convinece
Do you have knowledge on html ? If you don't, use the templates provided by most web sites.

offtopic: post in proper section. This querry not related to RDTV.
Dream weaver / microsoft front page are good tools for website creation...... :)

@kramkumar being smod you can move this thread to proper section... :D
If you use Dream weaver, I don't think full HTML knowledge is required.......
Hi first @thread starter,
please post in proper section........again if u do this u need me to warn u.

r u not a smod?......then y r u not moderating?
Nd when m not here pls do proper moderating man.
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