How can i get sound with my xbox360 and computer?


8 Aug 2011
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How can i get sound with my xbox360 and computer?
Ok so ive Plugged my Xbox360 into my computer. I have the HD cables plugged into my moniter. I also have the little converter thing for my white and red cable do i can plug them into my sound card. but im still not getting sound, Am i plugging them into the wrong hole?




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Dear friend jack, Welcome I think nothing wrong with your cables
First of all do check the color code that you have inserted the cables
in right space.
Always check when inserting cables to any device the proper INPUT &
OUTPUT connectors. I mean do Insert the cable in OUTPUT ports from
where you are going to take the Audio or Video and give the cable INPUT
to the device where you want to get it may be a Monitor, PVR ,DVR etc

Do one thing do read the manual to know about your cables as what that
converter for? On one side you are saying you add a HD cable direct to your
monitor,Did your monitor has inbuilt speakers,If not then check the cables and
connect them right to sound card or video card.
You can write after doing so,Do reply . :heart: :tup
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