How 3G services work?

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3 Nov 2010
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3G technology services is the latest in mobile communication services. 3G here is a term that denotes "third generation". The 3G service is the third innovation, the analog cellular technology generation is the first generation innovation, digital mobile is the second generation,

The 3G mobile service is the best technology for the true multimedia cell phone that are typically known as smart phones. These phones feature an increased bandwidth and wonderful transfer rates. The phone is also able to play various web-based applications and the various audio and video files designed to be played on a phone.

The 3G services comprise of several cellular access technologies. The three most common cellular technologies are the CDMA2000, which is based on 2G Code Division Multiple Access, the WCDMA or the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access and the TD-SCDMA – the Time-division Synchronous Code-division Multiple Access

The 3G service networks have an amazing data transfer speed. In fact it can transfer data for up to 3 Mbps that means that it would take almost 15 seconds to download a 3-minute long MP3 song. In comparison, the fastest 2G phones can only achieve up to 144Kbps which means that using them it would take about 8 minutes to download a 3-minute long Mp3 song.

The 3G service has high data rates that are ideal for downloading any type of information from the Internet. The data rate is amazing to send and receive a large multimedia file. The 3G service enabled phones are like the mini-laptops and they can actually accommodate various complex broadband applications like the video conferencing application, web streaming video applications, sending and receiving faxes and instantly downloading e-mail messages with attachments.

The fact is that the 3G service has truly changed the way telecommunication is done in today’s world
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