Google to pay users for their search history


22 Mar 2011
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Search giant Google has announced that it will start paying some users in exchange for their search history as part of the company's new project called 'Screenwise'.

The new project, which aims to know more about how people use the Internet in their daily lives, is asking for volunteers to install a Chrome browser extension that allows data to be collected in exchange for "up to $25 in gift cards".

The company said that those who sign up would be given a $5 Gift Card code, and then an addition $5 gift card code every three months for staying with the project as a "thank you."

According to technology website Ars Technica, the Screenwise Data Collector project is offering $100 on signup, plus $20 per month up to one year's involvement.
Thats another privacy invasion initiative by Google. C'mon...dont you do that already...:p
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