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Chrome OS to Soon Support Fingerprint Scanners, Chromium Code Tips...

Last month, Google started testing a new alternative PIN unlock system feature for added security. And now, the tech giant looks to boost its security efforts further and is reportedly working on introducing fingerprint support as well. This move was inevitable considering smartphones now have it as a default feature, and many laptops are also being launched with fingerprint sensors.

Chrome OS to Soon Support Fingerprint Scanners, Chromium Code Tips
Google is launching a new enterprise service for large businesses that want to adopt Chrome OS devices. The new Chrome Enterprise subscription, which will cost $50 per device and year, is essentially a rebrand of Chromebooks for Work, but with a number of additional capabilities. Even though the name would make you think this is about the Chrome browser, this program is actually all about Chrome OS. For Chrome users in the enterprise, Google already offers the Chrome Enterprise Bundle for IT, after all.

Google launches Chrome Enterprise subscription service for Chrome OS
Taking on Microsoft is tough in business area.They have recently launched Microsoft 365 which include win 10 and office 365.
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