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Airtel ultimately win against jio if they offers on their every products. Reliance/jio entering in every sector, unlikely they sustain for long term nobody can't manage everything in same time.
Airtel will never ever win against Jio...
People are still using fiber connection in US. This is Texas, Google Fiber. US has deployed fiber extensively. Just at 10000 INR per month.
I am not saying all people are shifted
I clearly mentioned some people like where there is only one operator in their area or people who don’t have fiber coverage only cable broadband and people who hate their cable company this are some examples

Generally this air fiber is attracting this kind of people and another reason is price protection some air fiber companies are promoting two things there mainly like two years same price and no contract period this kind of things attracting some people their
Can anyone explain is this air fiber standalone units .I mean can you pack them in bag and move from one state to another
Airtel gaves Huawei router for my Xstream fiber service. So, Who are using made in China?
Lol It's known fact, Unlikely other competitors didn't put Made In India or Make In India ads for Chinese products in Print Media like Reliance Jio did everywhere. Fooling peoples and claiming Made In India products🤭
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