Galaxy Nexus not coming to India


2 May 2011
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If you've been waiting long for the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, we've a bad news. Samsung has confirmed it will not be launching the Galaxy Nexus in India. Samsung India on its Twitter account said that the company will not bringing out the Galaxy Nexus in the country, rather it will come up with a “big thing”, which is being speculated to be the Galaxy S III smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was launched in October last year. It was the first device to come with the latest Android 4.0 operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich. Since then, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has launched in various markets such as the U.S.,U.K., Singapore, Japan and Korea.


This is not the first time Samsung has not launched its Nexus device in India. Its first Nexus device, Nexus One, was also not released in India. In fact, the second Nexus device, Nexus S, was launched months after the device was globally released.

News that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not coming to India is certainly going to disappoint many Galaxy enthusiasts. It's notable that Samsung previously promised that the Galaxy Nexus will arrive in India in first half of this year. Back in January, Samsung had said the Galaxy Nexus would be launched in March but never provided precise details.

Meanwhile, Samsung is promoting its “next Galaxy smartphone”, which is scheduled to be launched today in the U.K. According to reports, Samsung will be taking wraps off the much-awaited Galaxy S III.
Yes Nexus has been stopped due to the launch of S3 Samsung. I read it in a news saying the "Rumors of stopping nexus is due to the launch of Samsung's new model".
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