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7 Apr 2011
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>>features & advantages

IPTV from Airtel makes your TV viewing experience magical! Going beyond what you watch at home, it gives you complete control with ultimate convenience. IPTV from Airtel puts the control in your hands.

This gives personalization, interactive and greater control to viewers and provides excellent security for the content providers that blow away competitive offerings. Primarily targeted to the sophisticated urban home, the service provides a mix of entertainment content, interactive and communication applications and a host of information services.

benefits for end users

Highly Interactive and Personalized Services

powerful electronic programming guide (EPG):
Using the EPG, customers can seamlessly navigate and discover new content that is DVD quality and delivered at the convenience of the user.

video ondemand (VOD):
It provides an extensive channel lineup and along with VOD offers a wide range of videos according to the viewer’s convenience and choice.
Choose from our ever growing gallery of over 200 movie titles and watch Hindi or English blockbusters, in the comfort of your home. Just select a movie and start watching it when you want it. What's more, in case you are interrupted while watching, you can pause, rewind and relive the lost moment again with IPTV from Airtel. Once you subscribe for a movie pack, it will be available to you for 30 days to watch any and as many times as you want. We also offer promotion packs to make your viewing experience special on occasion like a Diwali or a New Year pack etc. For those of you who do not want to be restricted by a particular pack, there are movies available to you for 24 hrs with our Pay-Per-View feature. It's like walking into a theatre and buying a ticket for the movie of your choice. Plus, you get the best seats.

interactive applications
Interactive applications make the TV a powerful device for a host of new services customized to the tastes of the individual user. You can check your horoscope for today, the week ahead, and the month ahead. Just pick your sun sign, a date and find out what's in store for you.

more control

time-shift TV:
IPTV provides time-shifted TV using a network based Personal Video Recorder (PVR) allows the viewer to watch the content according to their convenience. Over 10000 programs available every week to view at user convenience.

even control broadcast TV:
Viewers can pause and rewind broadcast TV allowing the viewer to finally take control of what he or she watches on TV.( Presently available on selected channels only)

parental control:
With an easy to use interface, parents can also lock VOD content to prevent younger children from accessing inappropriate content.

electronic bill on demand:
Electronic Bill on Demand to track usage and consumption of entertainment.

benefits for content providers

highly sophisticated and secure digital rights management to prevent piracy:
IPTV service ensures such content / channel pilferage is a thing of the past. Through the use advanced Digital Rights Management system (DRM).

finger printing to track illegal copy and misuse of content:
The system supports ‘Finger Printing’ that further helps track illegal copier of contents who copy for economic gains.

Go ahead, experience the future of entertainment

>>time shift TV

Time Shift TV is a unique feature provided by Airtel IPTV where we record and keep programs for you to view to the same at a time more convenient to you.

You now don’t need to speed home breaking all traffic rules only to watch your favorite movie which you missed in the theatres nor do you need to fret about missing out on Sachin hitting his 49th century run because you came in late from work

IPTV gives you the power to demand from your TV what you want to see, when you want to see. All this is possible through this unique feature provided by your Airtel IPTV called TSTV.

Airtel IPTV gives you the power to view any program you may have missed over the past 7 days. This facility is now available on 42 prime channels & very soon the same will be available over lots more.


How do you go to TSTV?
This is your main menu page from where you can chose wherever you would like to go & use whichever service you want to.

On this menu screen you find a tab just below the TV Channels which says “TSTV”. On clicking on this tab you are taken to a screen which displays all those channels on which TSTV is available. Currently there are 42 such popular channels for you to choose from.


You can use the up, down, left and right keys to select the channel that you wish to watch. On selecting the channel, press OK to go to the next screen that shows a list of the past programs on that channel. You can press the right-left keys to shift the date and up-down keys to select various programs at various time slots. You can also use the page up-page down keys to toggle between multiple pages.

Once you are on the program title that you wish to view, press OK to view that program. You can play, pause, rewind and forward as you desire.


Searching a program that was shown in the past

In the TSTV main page, the yellow hot key takes you to a search page where you can search any program by selecting a channel from amongst the 42 channels available and the date you wish to select from. You may enter some identifying words in the search field and press the yellow hot key to display the matching results. You can then select from the displayed results and press OK to play that program.


If you wish to narrow your search to a specific channel and search through programs within that channel only you could click on the channel & you will be directed to the program guide of all programs corresponding to that particular channel, eg: NDTV Imagine: use the scroll key to reach the NDTV Imagine channel & press ‘Ok’

You can use the right-left keys for toggling between dates and up-down keys for toggling between programs at various times of that date.


There is also a shortcut to search from within the TSTV enabled channels. When you are on a channel which is providing you the feature of TSTV, you can evoke the mini EPG by pressing the “INFO” Key. You can use this mini EPG to search for programs for the past 7 days & choose what you would like to replay for yourself.


airtel IPTV gives you games to play while you wait for your favorite program to start. You can choose from a nice collection of games to exercise your mind while passing time.

What’s more? You can watch the channel being played in a small screen on your games page so you can switch back to the channel the moment your favorite program starts.You can choose from Tic-Tac-Toe, Sudoku, Discover the Word, Connect Four or Concentration and start playing.

The games will be refreshed and new games will be added frequently.
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