Seeking Help Asianet vs Kerala vision broadband in Kerala


13 Aug 2017
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In my area in Palakkad, both Kerala vision and asianet broadband have arrived.

To those who’ve had experience with either, would like to know the experience of broadband in both. Moreover how much time does it take to resolve complaints.

Also does any of them have combo plans for broadband and cable combined?

I’m looking to discontinue Railwire because I’m paying 700 including tax for 20 Mbps, but in Airtel there’s 60 Mbps for 499 and in Kerala vision it’s 40 Mbps for 449 or 50 Mbps for 499
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You should ask this question in r/Kerala or Kerala Broadband Forum group in facebook you'll get better responses from local people living there. For me, Asianet is terrible in service myself and all my neighbours stopped using Asianet. Asianet has no combo plans for Kerala vision you should check with LCO.
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