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Breaking ABP Network Launches Telugu Digital Platform ‘ABP Desam'

Akash J.B.

23 Oct 2018
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ABP Network has announced its entry into the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana market with the launch of its brand new digital platform, ABP Desam. By pursuing stories that matter to the people, ABP Desamwill bring a whiff of fresh air to the Telugu digital news space with a unique perspective on regional content.

Extending its belief in empowering the audience with unbiased and credible news, ABP Desamhas entered the market with the determination to create an informed and open society. With this new offering, ABP Network will once again strengthen its push for local storytelling and strive to create bigger strides in the sphere of regional news. Last quarter, the network had entered the Tamil Nadu market with the launch of its digital Platform, ABP Nadu.

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