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Aamir Khan sings in Anna's support at Ramlila

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8 Jun 2011
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Ramlila Maidan got its fair share of Bollywood dose finally on the twelfth day of Anna Hazare's protest fast. Actor Aamir Khan arrived at Ramlila Maidan with '3 id*ots' filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. Khan looked dapper in a white shirt and was welcomed on stage with a thundering applause.

Khan said, "I am here to meet Annaji and give him a hug for the initiative he has taken."

Bollywood till now has only given a passive support to the Jan Lokpal issue. From tweets to participating in pro-Anna rallies in Mumbai, the Anna movement was yet to rub shoulders with the 'heroes'.

Khan said I support Anna with all my heart. "The Bill won't be passed in a day or two. it requires a lot of discussion and debate in Parliament," pointed Aamir.

Khan also appealed to Congress MP Priya Dutt to support the Jan Lokpal Bil.

Thousands of protestors were in for a treat as Aamir gave a heartfelt speech and even humoured the spectators with his singing. Khan sang the song 'Mitwa' from his own Oscar-nominated film 'Lagaan'.

Director Rajkumar Hirani also spoke at the stage and asserted the need for Anna Hazare, 74, to remain healthy.

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