Maximum number of corrupt officials found in Anna's region

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3 Nov 2010
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Mumbai, Aug 20: The Gandhian crusador Anna, who is on his way to eradicate corruption from roots in India might be ignorant about the prevailing corruption level in his own territory. Anna hails from Ralegan Siddhi, which falls in Ahmednagar distict, which is part of the Nashik range. According to the records produced by the Anti-Corruption Bureau, it has been unearthed that the Nashik police range has seen the most number of public servants being caught red-handed accepting bribes in two years since 2009.

In 2010, 25% of Maharashtra's cases in which public servants were caught taking bribes red-handed were in the Nashik range. The percentage rose from 19.4% in 2009. In 2010, 124 ACB traps were successful in the Nashik range, while in 2009 the figure was 78.

Ahmednagar district in particular saw 35 successful sting operations in 2010 as against 27 in the previous year. The bribes in the Nashik range were for amounts ranging from Rs 500 to a few lakh rupees. Those caught included six deputy collectors, two civil surgeons and almost two dozen high-ranking Class I officers.

The Pune range was a distant second in 2010, with only 68, or 14%, of the overall 486 cases in which public servants were caught accepting bribes.

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why is the blame coming on Anna when he himself is not corrupt,this is what he is fighting for, a law which will help him eradicate corruption from his own village and country,and also according to the govt version of lokpaal bill most of these corruption cases mentioned above will not fall under the jurisdiction of the lokpaal.This is just another cheap tactic by the congress govt to mal-align Anna's image and the image of the movement he started.I request all the youth in this forum and all members of this forum to participate in the protests taking place in your respective cities,it is for our own future.i just participated today in a protest in which we formed a human chain for almost a kilometer or more.
That explains why he is taking this much trouble to try and end corruption, He might be believing that this very strict LOKPAL may be his only chance to save India from corruption, I heard his team saying on TV, "If you have any better suggestion, we will consider that "

At least someone is after this, Let us pray he succeeds and at least when my child grows up, He wont have to take bribe to someone for each and every thing
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