Good News You can now transfer your Old Car/Bike Registration number to the new vehicle for only Rs 5,000/500 respectively, Here's How


21 Jun 2013
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The transport department has come out with a new proposal for those who desire old registration number for their new vehicle.

One can now apply online, pay processing fee and easily get old number for their new car or two-wheeler.

The proposed fee for cars is Rs 5000, where as for scooters or motorbikes, it has been fixed at Rs 500. The amount will be finalized after seeking approval from cabinet ministry.

You Can Now Transfer Your Old Registration Number To The New Car For Only Rs 5,000, Here's How
Welcome move. Hope it happens!
That's a superb idea. It's gonna be such a eco-friendly option which govt is coming up with. Also will lessen the woes of people who have a list of vehicles. Also if you change your vehicle you don't need to get approvals from many people which I required in certain gated communities and offices.
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