Worst experience ever with jio fiber!


18 Jul 2022
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Reliance Jio technicians and sellers are such b******t people. I don't know if you guys will understand this but I'll try my best to show how the "Big and Trustworthy" Reliance Jio handle their purchases and eventually make a fool of their customer.

I booked a Jio Fiber connection from the jio website on my number on Friday and just in 1 hour I got a call from a seller saying they will come and book the connection. They came, booked a plan, took money from me and told me it's booked but the installation will be done in the evening. I said okay "I trust Jio" (biggest mistake ever).

No one came in the evening, not even a call from a technician or jio customer support. Then I suddenly got a message that the installation process has been put on hold by me myself which of course hadn't happened. But okay, next day, Saturday I called up the jio customer support and they said they'll look into it and rescheduled my installation for that evening only. No one came yet again...

Then for a change I tried to get in contact with the seller who booked my connection. Guess what someone else picked up and said the guy who booked my connection was hospitalized. I thought that was sad.... Just see what happens later on.

I called the customer support again on Sunday morning and they said "Sorry, we will reschedule". I said okay but register a complaint as well. It's Monday now, no one came AGAIN! Now I got irritated and called the seller again and again someone else picked up and said he was still hospitalized, he can't talk right now. I smelled something fishy. I called the same number with another mobile and this time that guy who booked my connection picked up. I said "I want a connection", he said "Sure tell me which plan and your address". I was like wt*! Then I told him I was the same guy who was just told that you were hospitalized!! After some irritated talks and more promises from him, I called the customer support again and guess what they "rescheduled" it. I am so F****NG DONE WITH JIO.
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Same thing happened with me but result were not the same.
I booked the connection at 4pm and they came at 6pm. They did KYC, took money and went on. As I was using Railtel at that time I forced them to reschedule the installation process.
But When I told them to install they came at 12 pm and installed the connection within half and hour.
They still call me to refer some one , to know whether I am facing any issue or not.
Currently happy with Jio.
No downtime till now.
Speed as per promised. Most of the time beyond promised.
Thanks @Bapun Raz bro for suggesting. Jio over railtel.
And as far as your problem is concerned, you should visit physically their office instead of calling. Use twitter space also for escalation.
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