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7 Apr 2011
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Windows 8 To Launch In 2012.

Windows 8 To Launch In 2012


Microsoft is expecting to launch Windows 8 in 2012. By the end of this year, they are expecting the public beta of Windows 8. Now the software is at the very early stage of development.
RE: Windows 8 To Launch In 2012.

Windows 8 to be released in 2012

Microsoft has been silent about the future Operating System,apart from the leak on the MSDN Blog a long time back there has been no news about when Windows 8 will be released, though recently Microsoft Netherlands team on the occasion of first Birthday of Windows 7, has posted on the official news site ,that Windows 8 will hit the market in about 2 years time.They have also mentioned that Windows 7 SP1 would be available in first half of next year. The page via translator reads as-

The phasing out of Windows XP, Microsoft is nearing completion. In July 2010, the support for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 stops. Today Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP to PC manufacturers and the aftermarket sales of Windows Vista. For Windows 7, Microsoft Service Pack 1. This service pack is still in the testing phase and is expected in the first half of next year available. The first update of Windows 7 is the new version of Windows Live Essentials ( became available in mid-June. Furthermore, Microsoft is of course the next version of Windows. But it will take about two years before "Windows 8 ‘on the market. The latest news about Windows is available at / blog.
If Windows 8 would be RTMed within two years then it would be interesting to see when the beta version is released,probably somewhere around June or July next year..
Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS

The post on the NDTV Profit news channel site clearly states that according to the sources within Microsoft,the next Operating System will be cloud based. Rajan Anandan, MD of Microsoft India also added that “All new products from here on will be offered over the cloud, as well as on-premise. That’s a core strategy that we have adopted now”

Here is the extract from the NDTV Profit site

Rajan Anandan, MD of Microsoft India, said, "We believe the cloud is the future and cloud will help accelerate Microsoft’s revenues and profit growth. With the announcement of Azure on Monday, we have completed our cloud offering, which means anything and everything that MS offers can be delivered over the cloud."

However, Microsoft is many years late to the game and has to play significant catch-up.
Is it indeed too late for the giant or can it redeem itself? If cloud is the new inspiration for MS, what sort of cloud integration will its future products see?

"All new products from here on will be offered over the cloud, as well as on-premise. That’s a core strategy that we have adopted now," said Anandan.

Sources within MS say the next operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, will be a cloud based OS.

Microsoft is planning to spend $9 billion on cloud based R&D, but given that competitors like Amazon and Google have been providing cloud services for a while now, pinching pockets will not work for Microsoft.
So does his really mean that the next operating system would be completely different from what we are thinking about.
RE: Windows 8 To Launch In 2012.


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RE: Windows 8 To Launch In 2012.

Microsoft leader Steve Ballmer announced that the next version of his company’s operating system – Windows 8 – will be available in 2012.

At the Microsoft Developer Forum in Tokyo on Monday, Ballmer said the software giant is hard at work producing Windows 8, which is also expected to hit tablet computers, PC Magazine reports.

Ballmer has yet to comment on rumors regarding the features of the new OS.

But he did hint that "there will be a day in the future where it will be hard to distinguish a phone from a slate, from a PC.”

Windows 8 feature

Windows 8 will allow developers to create applications using web standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript
Windows 8

Windows 8 rumoured to have graphic intensive Wind interface for High end computers :

Source : Digit Magazine.
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