Which is the best computer Anti virus software ?

mY Pc was infected with virus and i tried Kaspersky Antivirus Trial for 30 days.
It is a good antivirus.
i m using pc from last 1.5 yrs.
Last year i used quick heal but many times my pc was infected and quick heal didn't catch those virus.
Now i m using Bit defender from last 3 months and my pc is running fine.
But bit defender takes lots of time for scan.
Don't know about other anti-virus :)
if you are running genuine windows, microsoft security essentials is a better one.
I am using AVG Free Edition for years. No issues with it. One more thing to note, Mozilla Firefox is my primary browser and I use Internet Explorer only when the web page I am visiting is not supported in Firefox.

I am using Net Protector[INDIA ANTIVIRUS] In my Desktop and Quick heal internet security in my laptop. Both are fine. :) Nothing is best but...
Anyone here tried ESET NOD32 ?
I am using that, and its been hassle free for me since last 3-4 years :)
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