What does HBO Max imminent Indian launch mean for other streaming platforms in the country?


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3 Sep 2019
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Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix and Prime Video has long-standing relationships with different entities of Warner Media. The company’s merger with Discovery leads to more questions than answers.

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Okay, if that's the case it's a win win situation for us. Too many streamers will increase our monthly expense. Anyhow I still don't get the point of renting the HBO Max originals. These are not available to stream anywhere. It would be nice if they sold the rights to either Hotstar or Prime Video.

I dunno?

Other than my principled-approach for not subscribing to then-Star® India's subscriptions directly after they went full-propaganda networkwide back in mid-2018 after an oh-so-subtle month-long multi-platform promotions, I let my hotstar® Premium subscription expire.

In that, I still care about HBO® — but not about any of TWDC®'s content. Not DISNEY®, not 20th® production-divisions & yes, not even MARVEL®, et al. Not enough that I would shell-out whatever they ask, to them directly. Them removing even very few seasons of third-party owned ‘Air Crash Investigation®’ series on NGC® they had just to rebrand it as "DISNEY+® friendly brand" made it all the more easier for me.
So even if I'm in the clear-minority, I would be elated if DISNEY+hotstar™ would take further hits instead of continuing to dominate the already-marginal market of SVOD platforms in India.

Nevermind that yes, it would be far more easier for me to access WarnerMedia®'s content and few more directly instead of having to pay the middleman I despise, in full.
And I find that this follow-up article not-so-surprisingly corroborates all of my research. However.. I nevertheless differ from it in the sense that unlike say.. ViacomCBS®' (SHO)WTIME® on voot®( a Paramount+® substitute for India, for the time-being) select™ as well as older, scripted-only titles continue on DISNEY+hotstar™ — that's simply because of the factors I have explained in small-text under my inaugural, elaborate-reply here. That, and yes, ViacomCBS® can't afford to aggressively renegotiate pre-existing agreements/deals with "Home of (SHO)WTIME®" partners worldwide as WarnerMedia® can for Home Box Office® because: Ever since the remerger, there have been tremendous financial-burden on them. And for better or for worse, that's the reason why Paramount+® is not meant to be as monopolistic as the rest of M&E behemoths, simply because they can't afford to. That's why they need multiple revenue-streams, as demonstrated by them licensing part of their library to rival NBCUniversal®'s Peacock® even in their home-market and as if that's just not enough, being the only behemoth of its kind to continue serving NETFLIX® with new titles as Originals from their vast IP( characters and lores). Conversely, not just WarnerMedia® has more resources at their disposal — but here in the Subcontinent, there's a very good-reason how they can take back the rights of all HBO® Originals DISNEY+hotstar™ is serving and even the ones they censured/don't simply by doing.. Nothing.
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